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Prisoner Reentry - Returning Citizens 

Camden Dream Center provides returning citizens from prison and/or local jails with job training and mentoring in technology related careers.  Ours isn't a traditional prison ministry model, it is an integrated holistic approach to meet basic needs of formerly incarcerated men and women.  Employment and mentoring is a major part of our prisoner reentry program, it is a core focus of our efforts. We rely heavily on mentoring and employment preparedness in our process.  

Better than 59% of those once incarcerated return to prison or jail within 2-5 years of their original release. This rate of recidivism is an indication that something is wrong. The Camden Dream Center Model addresses the whole-person in consideration of key criminogenic factors.

We recognize critical needs upon returning home:
1) to restore significant family ties
2) secure safe housing, and
3) to obtain employment.

We measure performance by tracking outcomes across data-sets collected on each participant. We employ evidence based best practices to ensure successful outcomes.  

Mentors visit with inmates in county jails, halfway houses, assessment centers and state prisons to offer faith-based mentoring, family reunification and reentry services to inmates that volunteer to participate in our program.  Returning citizens benefit from prisoner reentry services if they remain on point throughout the program. 

Employment is a significant outcome measured against, but preparedness is a priority. 

We support a special focus in female reentry services due largely in part to the unique needs of woman offenders. There has been an 839% increase in female incarceration since 1977. The impact this has had on families is enormous.

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Program Focus
- Mentoring
- Family
- Case  
- Job Search
- Soft Skills
- Life Skills
- Female Offenders
- Female Technical 
- NJ Parole Board
- County One Stop
- Rutgers University
- United Way
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  Jersey (Office of 
- Camden County